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Where to Find Work as a Model

When it comes to finding work as a model, there are several platforms and avenues that can be explored. Let's take a look at some of the best platforms that aspiring models can use to connect with potential opportunities.

1. Model Mayhem: Model Mayhem is a popular online community specifically designed for models, photographers, makeup artists, and other industry professionals. It provides a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing models to create profiles, showcase their portfolios, and connect with photographers and agencies.

2. Instagram: With its visual-centric nature, Instagram has become a powerful tool for models to showcase their work and attract attention from industry professionals. By creating an engaging profile, using relevant hashtags, and building a strong online presence, models can gain exposure and potentially catch the eye of agencies or brands looking for fresh talent.

Lacey Blayze modeling at a photoshoot; sitting near the window holding a wine glss, while she gazes out the window.
Lacey Blayze modeling

3. FetLife: While primarily known as a social networking platform for individuals interested in BDSM and fetish lifestyles, FetLife also offers opportunities for alternative or niche models who cater to specific genres or styles within the modeling industry. It allows users to create profiles highlighting their interests and talents while connecting with like-minded individuals or photographers seeking unique models.

4. Agencies: Traditional modeling agencies still play a significant role in connecting models with work opportunities. These agencies have established networks within the industry and often have access to high-profile clients or projects. Models can submit their portfolios directly to agencies for consideration or attend open casting calls to get noticed by talent scouts.

It's important for aspiring models to carefully research each platform or avenue before diving in. Consider factors such as target audience, reputation within the industry, user feedback/reviews, safety measures in place (especially when using online platforms), and alignment with personal goals as a model.

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