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New Year, New Look, New Videos


WIth 2021 𝐹𝐼𝑁𝐴𝐿𝐿𝑌 here, there's so many things that I have been looking forward to leaving behind in the dust. Besides the obvious (COVID), there are also many other things I have been ready to say buh-bye to.

I wouldn't call them "New Years Resolutions" per say, because we all know that for the majority of us, those resolutions we swear we will stick to are usually long forgotten by the time March rolls around (if you're lucky enough to hold onto your motivation for 𝒕ℎ𝑎𝒕 long).

Instead, I'm going to break those "resolutions" down into small steps and daily practices that will keep my drive up (less chance of a burnout) and learn new and healthy ways to become the best me I can be... in every aspect of my life. The goal is not to win every battle; the goal is to win the war.

So what are these new and healthy things I speak of? Well, one of them is definitely changing the way I look at the world and deal with every day situations. Having battled anxiety for a lot of my adult life, I've trained myself to run

from anything that feels uncomfortable. But, I've learned from experience that staying within my comfort zone made it so I couldn't grow and flourish. The times I've grown the most were the times I steppped out of my comfort zone and just LIVED... and the results were amazing!

So in keeping with the theme of creating new things for the new year, I have received a lot of feedback on the design and content of my site over the months, and it motivated me to give it a complete make-over. Besides a visual re-design on the main page, I added previews of some of the videos I offer for people who have a paid membership to the UNCENSORED area of the site. That way, anyone who does not have a paid membership can get a little taste of what kind of videos they will have access to if they purchase a membership.

I also hand-picked adorable lingerie to sell in the “Shop” section of the site, as well as updated the “Book”ing section with better request forms and detailed explanations on what you can request (a custom video or a modeling session). And I have committed to update my photo gallery at least once a week, PLUS I have already added a TON of new videos over the past few months, if you haven’t been in the member area recently. With all that being said, I hope you enjoy the new look and content of the site! And if you don’t already have a membership to the UNCENSORED area, it’s definitely worth it to get one; there’s a BUNCH of content that you’ll find on my site that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s only $9.99 a month! Don’t miss out!!

Thanks as always for your support, I appreciate all of you more than you know. <3



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