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Official Model Search

Have you ever had the dream of becoming a model? Well here is the time to make your dream come true! Looking for local Orange County, CA girls with a strong passion to become a part of the modeling industry. 



-Must live in or around the Orange County Area (Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County are fine)

-Must be between the ages of 18-30

-At this time, we are only looking for female models (we will be looking for male models in a different search coming up)

-Must be flexible and/or have an open schedule

-Must be photogenic; height and weight do not matter as long as you know how to work the camera (you will be given all the tools for posing your body, it Is up to YOU to be able to execute them successfully)

-Modeling is a cut-throat industry that can be very hard to get into; you MUST have an impressive portfolio in order to get a photographer’s or a company’s (for brand collaboration) attention. While you are building up your portfolio, you do NOT get paid for your modeling hours. This is standard in the industry and all new models go through it; it’s called “TFP” (Trade for Print) which is when you model for a photographer and in return, receive edited pictures back that you can add to your portfolio. Once you have built your portfolio and learned the craft of modeling, you can start charging for your services. For some models, this can be 6 months. For others, it can take over a year. As long as you look at it more like an apprenticeship or a hobby and soak up everything you learn during this time, it will all pay off in the end when you are getting paid modeling jobs left and right and you have several companies contacting you, wanting you to model their brand.  Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to learning how to be a good model and if this really is your passion, you will have patience, work hard, and attend all suggested classes and events to learn as much as possible.

-We are looking for brand new faces, so we would prefer that you do not already have an “OnlyFans,” “Patreon” or “Model Mayhem” page (but if you do, you can still apply)

-There are several different genres of modeling; from fashion, to lingerie, to nude, to fetish (etc.). It’s best to come into the industry knowing exactly what genres you are comfortable doing. HINT: The models that are willing to do up to implied and nude seem to get the most jobs, but that does not mean you cannot be successful if you only do fashion and lingerie. Unfortunately, again, you have to work almost twice as hard to book jobs where there is no nudity, but it is definitely possible! 

-Please only apply for this is you are ready to be 100% committed; if you have any doubts that this is for you, do not apply. We want girls who are passionate and ready to give their all. 



Please fill out the form below, then press "Submit." Also, please send 3 photos (one of your face, one of your face including your body, and one side profile picture of your whole body) to  The photos can be selfies. Please make sure and put your first and last name in the subject field so I can match you up with your submission form. 

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